Jan-May Session ‘21 

goes from Jan11 to May21 with 2 holidays- week of Feb 22 and week of April 5th.

Online and Safe Distance Porch Lessons Available


Tuition for the 17 half hr. lessons over 19 weeks (@$40 per lesson) is $680 for the session.

If you want to break the $680 into payments, $272 will confirm your registration and cover first and last months’ tuition and $136 will be due Feb 10, March 10, and April 10. 


Let me know your windows of lesson time opportunity (and preference) Mon-Fri 12:00-6:00 and Sat 12:00-3:00 and I will get back to you to confirm your schedule.


If regular, weekly lessons don't work for you, for this session I'm offering a package of 3 one hour lessons scheduled individually @$240 and 4 one hour lessons @$320


I am offering online lessons and also (covered) porch lessons when the weather cooperates. 52°+ can work outside depending on wind conditions/rain etc. There are 14’ between me and the student on my porch- kinda far - but because the sound bounces off the house and porch ceiling, we can actually hear each other surprisingly well. Folks can do a mix of online and porch lessons or choose one or the other. 


Looking forward to musical possibilities! 
email moiranelligan@icloud.com or call 404-441-7848