Welcome to the Nelligan School of Traditional Music!

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"All the effort in the world won't matter if you're not inspired" Chuck Palahniuk

Singer, fiddler and multi-instrumentalist Moira Nelligan teaches private lessons at her home studio in Pine Lake, Georgia to children and adults. Moira teaches Irish, Americana, and World Roots songs and instrumental music, by ear, on fiddle, accordion, recorder, Irish drum and keyboard and more! Although learning by ear may seem a novel approach to those who have only heard of learning from sheet music, it is the way people learned beautiful music for 10,000 years! It promotes self confidence in the student's innate musicality and encourages the student to develop musical thinking skills that will be a great start to any musical journey. For those students who want to learn music notation so that they can pursue classical music, high school band, or jazz, it is widely accepted among music educators that strong ear skills are a great foundation for reading music. Think of how difficult it would be for young children learn to read their native language if they had not had a few years to learn to speak it fluently by listening, mimicking, experimenting and playing with language. Children learn language very naturally "by ear" and THEN learn to read and write it.  Many passionate music educators know that this is a natural, organic way to learn music, too. Moira also has many tips for "crossing over" to the world of playing by ear for those who have been playing by the book for years and may even think they can't learn to play without notation. 

Students will enjoy learning Irish, Americana and World Roots music from an extensive repertoire of beloved tunes that Moira has been learning and loving, playing and teaching for 30 years!
In addition to private one-on-one and small group lessons, Moira hosts a weekly gathering of some of the finest roots music players in Georgia at her “Moira and Friends: Wednesdays at Waller’s” event at 6 PM. Students get a chance to hear long time, dedicated players so they can get inspired! Students are also invited to play with Moira at Waller’s when they feel ready to share their music in a relaxed, unplugged, setting.

Mission Statement:

1. To help students blossom musically by providing the opportunity and environment for kids and adults to enjoy the enchanting world of Irish, Americana and World roots music and to provide the skills to learn this music by ear. 

2. To help students identify the music that sparks their passion so that learning will become self-directed, motivated and  rewarding.

3. To create an inspiring, nurturing and fun musical community.