Workshop/Jam Info

upcoming workshop dates: 
sun 10/15 special time: 3:00 Doors open at 2:30. 
sun 11/12 4-5:30 Doors open at 3:30 for tune up/warm up.
See info about fees etc below. Important: payments and reservations are made in advance. 

Monthly workshop/jams happen on a Sunday afternoon once a month, and are located at Sycamore Place Gallery.  Call 404–441–7848 with any questions. 
Important: Reserve your spot by emailing   

This monthly series is available at no extra charge to private students.  

Workshop/jam fees for those who are not private students: 
private student family member, $15. 
non student or relative: $30 for 1st student, $15 for buddy or family member. 

This is a 90 min monthly workshop/jam is held on Sunday afternoon. Look for updates on schedule here or on Moira Nelligan's Facebook Page. 


This workshop is aimed at advanced beginner or intermediate players who already know the basics of how to tune and play their instruments. However, levels intermediate and advanced conventionally schooled musicians can benefit greatly from this workshop in developing ear playing skills. Musicians should be able to play a D major scale, a G major scale, and an A major scale without looking at sheet music. Not there yet? a handful of private lessons should get you ready. call 404–441–7848 to discuss possibilities. We do a lot of playing in the key of D so someone comfortable only in the key of D may end up getting a lot out of their first several workshops while they're working on their other skills. 

Fiddle, banjo, accordion, mandolin concertina, guitar, recorder, tin whistle, guitars, flute and uke are welcome. Want to bring a different instrument? Check with Moira!

To keep things musically varied and provide cross training, instrumental tunes will be interspersed with group singing of call and response songs/gospel songs/rounds etc


The Nelligan School of Traditional Music presents a fun, once-a-month bootcamp group workshop/guided instructional jam for folks of all ages, yes, young and old together, who want to learn a common repertoire of beautiful beginner-friendly roots music from the American and Irish Traditions (with some World Music thrown in the mix).

Nothing takes the place of regular opportunities to play along with an advanced player, in person, who is
•playing the tunes slowly at times
•answering questions
•playing full tempo at times and letting students hop on for the ride 

The camaraderie of learning with others at a similar level is also incredibly valuable. 

THIS WORKSHOP/JAM HOPES TO SERVE as a musically rewarding jumping off point for emerging roots musicians who are just getting going on their journey. Here they can develop strong ear playing skills which will empower them to delve deeper into a specific roots music genre, whether it's bluegrass or oldtime, Irish or Cajun or blues. Ear training serves the classical musician as well. While there will be a lot of repetition, students will hear a wide variety of tunes and rhythms over a span of a few workshop/jams. 

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up with a friend or family member, therefore 2nd student gets 1/2 off tuition. Pickin' buddies learn together so they can play together at home! Children and Parents can learn together! Neighbors can learn a common repertoire to start their own community jam. 

How do students learn at the monthly tune session? They will learn like people learned homemade social music throughout the ages: organically, by ear, by hearing the same 20 or 30 tunes over and over again, some of which are so enchanting to the student that it seems like no work at all to stick with it and figure out how to play them, with some guidance, in a supportive nurturing environment. There is no stress – no recital or competition.  Because it is a high priority to encourage self-directed learning, student workshoppers will be taught listening skills and ear playing skills. 

Inspiration is key to learning how to play music beautifully and enjoying the process. For at least half of the workshop time, tunes will be led at full tempo and in full style so the student can take in the experience of the music played naturally. Students will not always be able to "keep up" but can do other things at times that are important like observe and record the music for woodshedding at home. 

Some students will be happy with one workshop visit just to try something new. Attending most of the workshops for two years is recommended for students who want to get a really good foundation for their roots music journey. There are no music sheets or chord charts. This workshop is specifically designed to help students develop ear playing skills and learn a process which will  empower them to enjoy learning a lifetime of music played well