"Taking music lessons with Moira is one of the most enjoyable and most rewarding things I have done with my daughter.  She has so much vitality and obvious love for music and for kids, and my daughter loves every minute of it.  Her approach teaches my daughter in a way that make music fun and that is giving her a rich, organic understanding of music, something she will have for the rest of her life.  Than k you, Moira!"     Beth (mom of 3 yr. old student)   


"Moira Nelligan has a natural inside track on Irish music; it's in her DNA.  She also has an extensive musical knowledge that embraces world music from: Appalachian fiddling to Balkan, Hungarian and African-American blues.  It was my privilege to be one of her students and I can recommend her highly."

Frank Hamilton, Co Founder of the Chicago Old Town School of Folk Music


"Thank you for being gifted. You don't teach tunes, you teach how to love a tune and then it comes to you from the source."

Anita (adult student)


"Moira is a phenomenal teacher. My instrument is mandolin and Moira gave me the confidence and skill to play by ear for the first time. She was always positive and patient. My family is from the Middle East and Moira tailor made out lessons to focus on the Israeli folk tunes that I grew up listening to, like Zemer Atik. So even though learning by ear was new to me, the cultural connection motivated me and made my learning adventure meaningful and fun. I also enjoyed learning Appalachian tunes from her. Her lessons were priceless." 

Audrey (38)


"Moira Nelligan is the ONLY fiddle teacher I wanted to teach my daughter.  She is 100% music.  While there are many musicians who teach, none can convey the soul of the music like Moira.  She truly embodies that intangible aspect of music that makes it live."

Fran (mom of teen student)


"Moira is the most supportive and understanding teachers a student of Folk Music could ever wish for. Her knowledge of the various sects within Folk Music and desire to explore and experiment within them inspire others to try and go beyond their own personal comfort zone."

Becca (22)



"Moira is really fun. I took singing lessons from her. She knows about 3 million songs. She helped me find songs that were a good match for my taste and encouraged me to develop my taste as well. She exposed me to a lot of artists and songs that I wouldn't have known about otherwise, like the Louvin Brothers and Emmylou Harris.  She is very encouraging. Also, we worked on basic theory that helped me begin to learn to sing harmony and how choose the right key."

Hana (18)


"I have tried many different teachers over the years--the goal?  Just to allow my child to have a musical outlet, express herself, learn a bit without stress.  Working with Moira has far exceeded my goals and, in the process, surpassed my expectations for this child who is discovering her own musical style, and without a lot of pressure.   Moira is amazing at being able to work with Lena at Lena's pace.  She's good at finding Lena's interests and abilities and working at that level, without a predetermined outcome.  This organic kind of musical assessment of strengths is what was missing in all the previous teachers we've tried.  Moira's a natural at it and values teaching in this way.  I feel so lucky.!!"

Terri (mom of teen student)